Everyone starts talking at once.

Sumayya: Oh my gosh, that’s so awesome!

Zee: Whoa dude, are you serious?!

Amaani: No waaayy! Like, a proper road trip?!

Meez: Yeah! How cool is that?!

My forehead creases into a frown as I remain silent.

Uncle Ismaeel: Now now kids, listen up. Don’t get too excited just yet. We have a few things to clear up.

The talking stops and we’re once again listening intently.

Uncle Ismaeel: First things first, you all need to get permission from your parents.

He turns to look at me. I look down, avoiding eye contact.

It had been me who had suggested a road trip last year for December holidays. But last year seems so far away now. Things have changed so drastically and the idea of a road trip doesn’t sound as exciting as it did back then.

Uncle Ismaeel: Deeyanah, look, you have to move on and I think this is the perfect opportunity. We can’t let the past spoil our future. We all make mistakes but it’s important that we learn from them and carry on.

He pauses.

Me: But, I.. I can’t. The road trip I mean.. I can’t come with..

A long silence follows.

Uncle Ismaeel: ย I’ve got in touch with your uncle.

I raise my head so fast that Sumayya jumps a little.

My eyes widen in shock. My mind is suddenly spinning, my thoughts racing.

“What?” My voice comes out in a hoarse whisper.

Amaani grabs my hand under the table.

When Uncle Ismaeel speaks again his voice is gentle but firm.

“I don’t want you to get upset Deeyanah. All you’ve been doing recently is going to school and studying. Apart from hanging out with these four, you just sit at home. You are only 14 Deeyanah, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, that’s why we have to make the most of today. You can’t let one mistake ruin you. You need to go out and do things, live your life. Learn from the past and move on.”

Tears threaten to spill from eyes but I’m suddenly angry. How dare he get involved? How dare he go digging into my past? Who is he to tell me how I should live my life? He doesn’t understand the reasoning behind my actions. He doesn’t know my feelings.

Instead of expressing my anger in a way I know I will regret later, I get up and leave the room.


The story might seem very confusing at this point but do keep reading. Answers will unfold as the story flows. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow. Have a great evening folks ๐Ÿ™‚


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