WhatsApp group chat:


Sumayya: Tell, tell! Where ya goin?

Rameez: Can’t tell yet.. My place, 7 tonight. Amz my dad will pick you and Dee up.

Amaani: *thumbs up*

And so, when the clock strikes 7, Amaani and I hop into Uncle Ismaeel’s black BMW, confused and excited at the same time to hear Rameez’s news.

“Assalaamualaykum,” we say in greeting.

“Wa’alaikum salaam girls,” replies Uncle Ismaeel, smiling. “How are you’ll?”

“We’re good shukr and you Uncle Ismaeel?”

“Alhamdulillah, carrying on.”

“How come Meez didn’t come?” I ask.

Since we don’t have anyone to take us around, and we’re still too young to drive, Uncle Ismaeel usually chauffeurs us around if he is available. And most of the time Meez comes along.

“I left him behind because he is over excited.”

“Over excited for what?”

“Well it doesn’t help if I leave him behind, in hope that he doesn’t spill the secret, and then I go and spill the secret, does it?” he asks, smiling knowingly.

Amaani and I exchange a glance. What was this secret all about?

Arriving at the Varachia household, I notice Sumayya’s brother’s blue Mini Cooper outside which obviously meant that she was already here, with her brother.

Seated around the dining room table was Aunty Aadila, Sumayya, her brother Hamza, and Zee. His grandfather probably dropped him off. Where was Meez though? We greeted everyone and sat down.

“Rameeeez, you can come now, they’re all here,” Aunty Aadila calls loudly.

Meez literally comes running down the stairs and into the dining room. His hazel brown eyes are shining with excitement.

“You guys are never going to believe this!” he says.

“Well hello to you to Meez,” teases Sumayya.

“Yeah, we’re great, thanks for asking. How are you?” adds Amaani.

He rolls his eyes and we all laugh.

“Sorry, sorry. Salaam people. Not going to ask how your’ll are because even if anyone is in a bad mood… Can I just tell them?” he asks, looking at his parents.

He is so excited! But for what?!

“Bro, can you at least sit down first yoh!” says Zee, shaking his head.

Rameez sits down and Uncle Ismaeel starts speaking.

“Okay, so, boys and girls, as you know, the holidays…”

“Daaad, just get to the point!” interrupts Rameez.

Uncle Ismaeel smiles mischievously. He is  such a cool man!

“Okay, okay, seriously now. So Aadila and I have been discussing this for a while now and I think this year is the year. Remember how you kids wanted to go road-tripping last year? Well…”

“WE’RE GOING ON A BLIMMIN’ ROADTRIP!!” yells Rameez, excitedly cutting his dad off once again.


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