One week into exams, the late nights and early mornings were starting to take a toll on my body. Exams, as you would probably know if you attend school, is a harsh time of the year! I’m still trying to figure out what is better – writing for 2 weeks straight, or writing over 4 weeks but not every day. With two weeks straight, we finish faster but it’s a lot more stressful. 4 weeks on the other hand, isn’t as stressful but it seems as if you are writing forever! At the school that I attend, we write 2 weeks straight. That means we have 3 more days of exams but 5 more papers.

Tomorrow we write English and Zee wants us to study at his place. That means supper as well because Aunty Shenaaz, Zee’s grandmother, won’t allow us to leave without having supper.

Zee lives with his maternal grandparents. His family originally stayed here in Johannesburg, but two years ago his dad received a job offer in Durban, which he accepted. So at the end of 2013, Zee left us and went to live with his parents, older sister and younger brother, in Durban. He didn’t last long though. Struggling to adapt to the changes, Zee eventually persuaded his parents, after 3 months, to allow him to return to Johannesburg. April 2014 he moved back this side. We weren’t complaining, it was great having him back!

As soon as I got back from school I took a quick shower to freshen up. This heat is torturous! After getting dressed, I packed whatever I would need for tonight into a backpack and went downstairs. Amaani was in the kitchen putting together a salad that she had offered to take for supper.

Me: “Need help?”

Amaani: “Nope, almost done.”

Me: “How are we going?”

Amaani: “Uncle Ismaeel (Meez’s father) said that he would pick us up.”

Me: “Okay.”

4 hours later we sat around Aunty Shenaaz’s glass dining room table. Laid before us was enough food to feed 20 people! Creamy pasta, chicken roast, savoury rice with Arabian chicken, salad and refreshing lemonade, which Sumayya’s mum made. The boys each eat enough for 5 people so that worked out perfectly! How they managed to eat so much boggled my mind even further than the fact that the Earth is continuously spinning at 1600 km/h yet we never fall off!

After supper we helped clean up, studied for another hour and then parted ways, confident for tomorrow’s paper.


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