My annoyance is instantly replaced with worry. What did he do now? I quickly call him back.

“What’s going on?” asks Amaani.

I silently mouth, “one minute” as the line continues ringing.

And ringing..

And ringing..

“Welcome to voicemail….” I cancel the call and try again. Voicemail.

“Dee, what’s going on??” Amaani asks again, getting impatient now.

I glance up at her before focusing my gaze back to my phone screen.

“I don’t know. He’s done something but he didn’t tell me what,” I reply, as I type out a text to him.

Swry for getting annoyed Meez. We’re cuming over, plz don’t do anything until then. 

“Come on, let’s go before he makes anything worse,” I say to Amaani as I sigh.

“We don’t even know what’s happened yet. It might not be so hectic.”

I almost laugh out aloud at that. I roll my eyes and look at Amaani. “Did you just say that?” I ask, eyebrow raised. Any trouble related to Rameez is hectic..

I hurriedly slip on a cloak and scarf and put on comfortable shoes. Rameez’s house is only a 5 minute walk from ours, thus the comfy shoes.

On the step outside the door of Rameez’s house sits Zee. He is talking to someone on his phone. “So how the heck must I help if you don’t open the door? Are you hurt badly??”

Well, more like shouting! He angrily cuts the call and stands up.

“This kid is such a douche. He called me and now refuses to open the door and his parents aren’t home,” he says.

“Did he tell you what happened?” I ask.

“Street fight,” he mutters, as he continuously rings the doorbell.

I look at Amaani. The worry in her eyes mirror my own and I know the same thing is running through our minds.

Please don’t let it be The Scorpians.

Street fights aren’t usually such a serious thing. Unless it involves a gang. A gang that you have a past with. A gang that you involuntarily used to be part of…

After 5 minutes of waiting outside, Amaani finally gets hold of him on the house phone by calling as an unknown number. She switches to loudspeaker.

“Please don’t cut the call. Just open the door. You know we won’t judge you no matter what you’ve done,” she says sincerely.


He cuts the call.

The door opens.


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