Tomorrow we start exams. Mathematics paper one. The sink is filled with stained coffee mugs. The dining room table is covered with books, pens, pencils, calculators and obviously, more coffee mugs. I watch from the kitchen as Amaani and the rest of the squad argue over the current mathematical problem. They’ve been trying to solve it for the past 11 minutes and 47 seconds. Yes, I am that uninterested!

Amaani: “Deeyanah, get your brains over here!”

Sumayya: “Deeyanah, can you make me another coffee, please?”

Rameez: “Deeyanah, do you have my pen?”

I ignore them and head up to my room. Two hours of studying math is the most I can manage without a break. I close the door behind me and collapse on my bed. My eyes close and I find myself thinking about how fast this year has gone. About my amazing group of friends, sitting downstairs, breaking their brains over some stupid mathematics problem that we don’t even need to know for the exam. But they will figure it out. Amaani will make sure they do.

My room door is flung open and I barely manage to sit up before I’m pushed back down onto the bed. “We’ve done it!” they scream in excited unison. And then, all hell breaks loose. The girls are jumping on the bed, whacking the boys with pillows, while the boys try grabbing at their legs to trip them. I grab a pillow and cover my head. Someone tries pulling off my sock and that’s all it takes for me to get involved in the madness. I bolt upright and lunge at Ziyaad with my pillow. He ducks, his all too famous smirk planted on his face as I hit nothing but empty air.

Me: “Wrong move, Mister.”

Ziyaad: “Ooh, am I meant to be scared?”

Me: “Duh, better read your kalimah finish also.”

Ziyaad: (Laughing) “Are you seriously going to kill me with a pillow?!”

Me: (Frowning) “What’s so funny about that?”

Rameez: “Hey, share the joke bro. We also want to laugh.”

Me: “There’s no joke. Zee is being an idiot but that’s nothing new” (Rolls eyes)

Ziyaad: (Doubled over with laughter) “I tried pulling off her sock and now she’s going to kill me with a pillow! Don’t forget to ask about me in Jannah guys.”

Everyone bursts out into laughter. Sumayya falls off the bed, tears falling out of her eyes from laughing too much and that gets me laughing too. Trust her to do something like that!

The laughter slowly subsides and we look up at each other.

Amaani: “Are you guys done now? We still have two chapters to study.”

Sumayya: “And we have 8 hours to do that.” (Rolls eyes)

Rameez: “Yeah Amz, stop being such a nerd. What’s for supper?”

Amaani: (Raises an eyebrow) “What do you think this is? A restaurant?”

Rameez: “Well, you could pass as a chef so that makes your flat a restaurant.”

Amaani: (Throws a pillow at him) “Yeah, yeah whatever. I’ll cook supper but only if your’ll help.” Everyone gets up to go downstairs.

Me: “Heyyy, first neaten my bed you idiots!”

Ziyaad: “You’re going to sleep in it later so what’s the point anyway?”

I end up neatening my bed myself as they all head downstairs to get supper ready. They’re total psychopaths but I love them anyway. After all,  I’m none the better!


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